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Visual Storyteller, Live Production Technical Director, Award-Winning Editor

With ten years of experience in entertainment and film, my passion has taken two different paths: one in documentary filmmaking and the other with the live production of pivotal events in entertainment. I have a sincere passion for encapsulating human nature through documentary filmmaking. I am an award-winning Editor, Writer, and Producer of the film Unfit to Stand.

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Video Reel

A collection of my recent video work

Featured Work:

Variety Red Carpet Coverage: Live Editor
DLP Capital Event Coverage: Producer/Lead Editor

DLP Capital Impact in Action: Producer and Editor

Brave Dove (Dir. Bri Grall): Director of Photography

Mental Health Merry-go-round (Dir. Katie Collins and Skyler Manley): Director and Editor

We Fight Alone (Dir. Hana Tucker): Camera Operator